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Sep 01

Anonymous said: If we were dating, I would bring you pizza every day


Aug 31

Anonymous said: Touch my butt

Okay. How old are you? Maybe. I don’t know. Who is this? Tina?

Anonymous said: do you play video games? if so, what's the one you've played most recently and also if you could only play one game for the rest of your life which one would it be?


I just finished my first play through of Diablo III and Reaper of Souls.

If I could only play one game for the rest of my life… That is so hard to answer. Definitely a game I can play with friends if I want. I guess it would be something that keeps getting new patches and expansions, not unlike Diablo III? Do I have to name something specific? D:

Anonymous said: What was the best pizza you've ever eaten?

One time, I made a macaroni and cheese pizza at my friend’s house and I didn’t get to eat it because of reasons and the next morning, there were leftovers of it in my fridge. 

So that one.

Anonymous said: Lolling over you being called pretentious when you are the exact opposite. Anon is jealous and who can blame him


Anonymous said: Could you date someone who despised pizza?


More pizza for me.

Aug 30


Hey there, O’Brien enthusiasts! 

It’s been a blast serving as Chris’ guest answer guy person thing tonight, and I had a great time chit-chatting with you. Alas, we’ve hit the 7 o’clock hour, and the time for me to turn this here Tumblr back over to its rightful owner has come. 

You all seem pretty cool, and thanks for taking care of my amigo and treatin’ him good sometimes and stuff. Whatever, I’m not into emotional good byes. 

If you had as much fun as I did, feel free to follow me over on Twitter or here on Tumblr. As Chris pointed out, I’ve written some movies and stuff, and I really like puns. 

Hope to see you around!


Michael Varrati 

*Note: All Michael’s answers tonight are based on the novel Push, by Sapphire. 

pourquoi-nutmeg said: *creeps your blog* yup, still cute as heck.

You should watch him sleep. 


okcdouchebags said: You don't even need to answer this, I just want you guys to read it and laugh. Every time Chris mentions a friend or posts a photo with them or whatever, all of you are cute. Just... all of you. Total cuties. It's freaking me out, man. I'm starting to think that part of the city is just crammed full of adorable actors and I got stuck with the part full of crotchety people. I belong somewhere in the middle of these cities, I need to find the area with crotchety adorable people.

First off, thank you! We’re definitely flattered by that really sweet comment. We certainly choose our friends based on kindness above all else, but we may all also have a bunch of rapidly aging portraits stored in an attic somewhere. 

Seriously, thanks! 



P.S. Chris would like to add: “You’re always welcome to join our adorable, crotchety friend group.” 

I concur! 

Microbrien Guest Answers (feat. me)!!! -


Because the internet is all about collabs and stuff, my amigo Chris O’Brien and I decided to do a little switcheroo here on Tumblr today.

Chris is an actor, writer, and all around amazing individual with a strong presence on the web. You might know him from his work on the fab Classic Alice or…

Like I said…