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Sep 20

Saturday Morning Questions - 9/20/14




It’s cool that you didn’t like it. I’m sure we could bond over other shared interests, such as pizza. Do you enjoy pizza?

Also, thanks for saying I was too cool before! Most of the time, I feel like this guy, so that means a lot to me.





Thanks so much! Those very much are my hands. I had to get a manicure the day before we started shooting, but they are mine. See?


Why ever do you ask?

I don’t jog. I generally move as little as possible. More than one person has pointed out to me that I probably should have done some jogging research because I am clearly not good at jogging. Something about my posture and my hands and I don’t know. It was hard and I wanted to lie down as soon as I started moving every time.

The thing was cool but they didn’t give me one or anything. I do have a different thing and I like it a lot and it works for me.

Miss Unrelated O’Brien and I aren’t dating. She’s awesome and very funny, though! We became good friends on set and we get coffee a few times a month. 



Can you please send me that story again so I can read it again? Thank you. Thank you.



Sep 15

The Value of Reblobbing

Reblobbing an old post of mine from back before this blog was called “Chris Writes Good” and before I switched to posting only pictures with irreverent ideas overlaid, because it still applies and I think about it a lot.

It doesn’t just apply to tumblr. and reblobbing, but also Twitter / retweets, Facebook / shares, etc…


The Value of Reblogging

I don’t often like to break the fourth wall. In fact, I generally hesitate to share any of my opinions about tumblr. or tumblrs on tumblr.. (Side note: I will forever be confused as to how best to use punctuation next to the word “tumblr.,” but that’s not what I’m here to talk about at the moment.)

Why don’t I announce my opinions more often? For starters, I’m not here to piss people off. That’s what internet forums and Youtube comments are for. For (what comes after starters?) nexters, Write Every Day is meant to be used to practice creative writing, not preach.

On the other hand, I have built a small soapbox for myself, matchstick by matchstick, so why not use it, even if I risk igniting one of those matches in the process.

For most who use tumblr., it’s a means of entertainment and a way, perhaps, to keep a record of interests at a given point in their life. It’s part time capsule, part secret public journal, part twitter with pictures, and part hilarious inside joke that every once in a while someone unexpected is in on, which is always entertaining.

For others, it’s a tool. It’s a fun tool, an often tear-inducingly distracting tool, but a tool nonetheless. There are writers, illustrators, musicians, graphic designers, photographers, even a few fake internet personalities that make their home here. And like many content producers who decide to host their videos on Youtube rather than a dedicated website, they are here for one simple reason: the audience.

We who use tumblr. as a means to distribute our original content love the immediate gratification of a like. We enjoy the instant feedback of a comment, we are thankful for every stunningly appropriate animated gif response, we relish the opportunity to interact through asks and fan mail…but we need reblogs, or as I prefer to call them, reblobs.

All the other ways I get to see how people are reacting to my work are deeply appreciated, but they don’t help me reach a wider audience and build a following. If you follow someone who produces original content, don’t just like, but as often as possible, reblob their work. It’s the difference between giving an actor a pat on the back for their performance or offering them a much larger theatre with a much bigger audience to perform in front of.

On behalf of anyone who makes anything new and puts it on tumblr., thank you in advance.


Let me share with you a twitter story from last night.


This is the tale of Golfer and Pam as told by Chris O’Brian.









Chris’s Twitter

Chris’s tumblr.

One time I was staying in a hotel, working on a commercial. And, well, all that happened.

Sep 13

Saturday Morning Questions - 9/13/14

As I mentioned a little over a week ago, I’ll only be answering questions publicly on Saturday mornings from now on. Well, Saturday “mornings.” Depends on when I wake up.

I just don’t like cluttering up my front page (or for my Tumblr followers, their dashboards) with lots of sarcastic deflections of personal questions using animated gifs.

So from now on, I’ll answer all the questions I receive throughout the week, lumped into one post (like this one). Because answering these things tends to inspire people to send more, I’ll also answer a couple throughout the day if I’m around and free to!

Anyway, you can still see all my asks and answers here on this specially curated page or, if you hate these posts, you can look at nothing but my original posts, here.

Thanks to everyone who sends these in. They’re always interesting and fun to answer!

Here we go…


I follow people for lots of reasons! I don’t know who you are, so it’s difficult (impossible) to give specific reasons, but I probably visited your blog, liked what I saw, and decided I wanted to see what you post more often… such as when I’m waiting in line at Dunkin Donuts in Santa Monica.


I am attracted to women that I am attracted to. I don’t think about it a lot more than that and I really don’t think I have a “type,” which is what you seem to be talking about.

In fact, I dislike the very idea of a type. It’s been a while since I’ve talked about it (so I may want to revise my wording now), but I have shared my thoughts here and later, here.

Okay, so yeah, obviously, there are physical traits and personality traits I tend to be attracted to and sometimes they correlate. I am usually attracted to intelligent, creative people. I also find I am usually attracted to people who question or challenge gender norms.

Does that mean I’m only attracted to women with a short hair, thick-rimmed glasses, and a serious fantasy media addiction? No. Do I often find women like that attractive? Yes. But I also find a great many other women attractive. Women with long hair, no glasses, and an uncommon interest in baking, for example… ;)

I’m also often attracted to women who are trained in some kind of martial arts and could legitimately rip my ear off and make me eat it. I’ve never gone looking for that in a lady, but for some reason I keep finding out they could do that to me after I realize I’m into them. Weird, huh?


So you’re only interested in meeting me if I’m single? Well, uh, in that case I’m really sorry but I just started dating someone very recently. I hope you have a great trip to LA!


Who is this?


Did you go to Mt. Hope High School in Bristol, Rhode Island, too? Because I don’t know anyone who’s seen that movie outside of Mr. Crowley’s French class!

It’s one of my favorite movies too. (For those of you who haven’t seen it, the English title is The Dinner Game) I have it on DVD and I show it to everyone I can. It’s probably been about eleven years since I first saw it, but it’s still one of my favorites, too! That’s so cool!



I actually just started dating someone pretty recently. (See above.)

Sep 12


Sep 11

"Prove a Point to My Parents"
Reblog this if you think reblogging this won’t prove a point to my parents. I’m trying to prove a point to my parents.

"Prove a Point to My Parents"

Reblog this if you think reblogging this won’t prove a point to my parents. I’m trying to prove a point to my parents.

Sep 10

The Internet Slowdown is coming, and it’s going to be huge.


Hey there,

Exciting news! The Internet Slowdown net neutrality protest planned for September 10th is really taking off. This morning, a dozen of the world’s largest websites announced that they’re joining in a big way. Sites you know and love like Etsy, Kickstarter, Wordpress, Vimeo, Mozilla, Namecheap, Foursquare, imgur, and reddit.

Will you join too?

Everyone has a role in the Internet Slowdown. Click here to find out what YOU can do.


Oh, but that’s not all that happened this morning. Just a few hours ago I got a phone call from a number in Washington, DC. The person on the other end tried to ask some questions without identifying themselves, but when I asked outright they told me they were from NCTA — yep, as in the National Cable Television Association, aka Comcast’s lobbying army.

 They wanted to know when we would be announcing the names of the companies participating in the September 10th net neutrality protest. I suggested they take a look at the front page of The Guardian, or at this op-ed by the CEO of Etsy in Wired, and mentioned they may want to check out this TIME Magazine article. Then I hung up.

After the call, I couldn’t stop smiling. I’ve been organizing for many years and one thing I’ve learned is that powerful enemies only start contacting you when they’re scared. If they don’t think you’re being effective, they ignore you.

Friends, we are giving some of the most powerful interests in the world a run for their money. And they have tons of money. We’ve got Comcast & company shaken up and scared. This is our chance to to drive the message home and win this once and for all.

All the tools you need for the battle are here:

If you’ve got a website, blog, or Tumblr run the “slowdown” widget on your site to symbolically show your users a “loading” message and help people understand what the Web could be like without net neutrality. If you don’t have a site, change your profile pic to the “loading” symbol, so that the entire Internet is alive with protest on September 10th, and forward this email to everyone you know to spread the word.

The truth is, unlike Comcast and their cronies, we have nothing to hide. A report from the Sunlight Foundation yesterday showed that 99% of comments the FCC has received are in support of net neutrality. The public agrees, and hell hath no fury like the Internet scorned. As I write this email, I’m feeling more hopeful about our chances of victory in the battle for net neutrality than I have since we started this fight.

Last chance. We need you for the Internet Slowdown on September 10th. Are you in?

We can win this, and when we do, it’s a victory we can put in the history books.

For the Internet,
-Evan Greer at Fight for the Future

P.S. Our friends at Namecheap are really throwing down in the fight for net neutrality. Check out the awesome video they just put up at (nice URL right?), wait til you get to the part where people are riding on toilets chasing wall street bankers up a bike ramp.

P.P.S. There’s still time to get your very own #TeamInternet t-shirt or hoodie. Go here and reserve yours before they’re gone!

This is why your internet is weird today. It’s important stuff. Read it and do something about it.

Sep 02

Questions and Answers - Tuesday, September 02, 2014

From now on, I think I’m going to answer all questions publicly only once per week to keep my blog (and twitter) from flooding with answers like it has the last few days. Maybe Saturday mornings?

Anyway, for now…

I don’t usually remember my dreams. One time, when I was really young, I had one where my family told me we were going to Disney World and I woke up and started packing and then I started crying.

If I say “no,” will you stop liking me? If I say “yes,” will you move to LA and play with my hair all day and also feed me pizza? Anyway, see below…

Well, I wouldn’t call it a fiasco, but that series notwithstanding, I prefer to keep the details of my dating life fairly private. That said, I suppose my dating life is going as well as any twenty-something in a LA could hope.

Sep 01

Anonymous said: If we were dating, I would bring you pizza every day


Aug 31

Anonymous said: Touch my butt

Okay. How old are you? Maybe. I don’t know. Who is this? Tina?